CH News

CH News

We're excited to welcome our new evangelist, Jeremy Dehut, and his family to Cahaba Heights.


Gospel Meeting

This Sunday-Wednesday, May 16-19 we are having a special series of lessons presented by Edwin Crozier of Tampa, Florida. All are welcome to join us as we meet Sunday at 9 & 10 AM, as well as Monday-Wednesday evening at 7 PM. We look forward to our study and meeting all who are able to attend!

Do You Want To Learn More About the Bible?

If you are seeking to learn more about the word of God, or have any questions about the Bible, please join us on Sunday mornings as we worship God and study His word. If you are unable to visit with us, please do not hesitate to contact us at at any time!

Subscribe to our YouTube feed!

If you can, take a moment to subscribe to our YouTube feed. You can find it here.

For now, we plan to post daily Bible reading video aids, as well as recordings of our weekly sermons during this time of quarantine.