About Us

About Us

Our Mission

The Cahaba Heights church of Christ strives to be a New Testament congregation of God’s people. When we call ourselves a church or an assembly of Christ, we are simply identifying ourselves as a church or an assembly that belongs to Christ. We are not attempting to call ourselves by any official name nor to align ourselves with any denomination. Our objective is to be in practice simply what New Testament congregations were- a group of Christians who are devoted to following Christ and not the designs or patterns of men. If you are seeking a spiritual family of Jesus’ disciples whose goals are “to provoke one another to love and good works,” to study God’s word, and to live a life of service through the grace of Jesus Christ, we invite you to come and worship with us. We hope you will find a group of Christians whose most intimate desire is not to please men, but to follow Christ and to glorify God.

What to Expect

Sundays: We strive to have a friendly and welcoming environment to visitors.  Each Sunday morning we observe the Lord's Supper at 9AM, followed at 9:30AM with Bible classes for all ages.  After Bible classes, at 10:30AM, we gather again for a period of worship in prayer and song, and to hear a lesson from God's word.  Our worship service is in a “traditional” style, and our congregational singing is A capella style.

Wednesdays: At 7PM, we gather in the auditorium and we typically sing a few songs together and then dismiss to our classes following a prayer. Classes are again divided by age groups and there are typically multiple adult classes to choose from.

Contact Info

Thank you for visiting and may God Bless your study of the Bible.